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We have established a NATION-WIDE NETWORK of suppliers for every type of lumber. Our biggest market is CYPRESS - Pecky Cypress, Tidewater Cypress, Red Cypress, SINKER CYPRESS, Commercial Cypress - in all grades and amounts, from a few board feet, to truck loads. We also sell all types of Cypress milled to your specs - rough, S4S, T&G, bead board,v-groove, cants and beams, peeled logs, cross-cuts, corbel, moldings etc..

We also sell PINE: HEART PINE, SINKER PINE and SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE (SYP) in all grades and quantities, as well as APPALACHIAN PINE, other types of pine, and a large variety of SOFTWOODS, including REDWOOD, CEDAR, JUNIPER, FIR and SPRUCE, are available. We have all grades from FAS to dunnage/pallet material, in whatever quantity needed.

We have almost any EXOTIC WOOD you need for special projects, including MAHOGANY (Honduran, Philipine, etc.), TEAK, OSAGE, IPE, WORMWOOD, MANGO, MADRONE, MYRTLEWOOD, MONKEY POD, WHITE MAHOGANY (US), etc.

We have ANTIQUE RECLAIMED-RECYCLED-RECOVERED LUMBER from old mills, warehouses and barns, including heart pine, cypress, barn pine, loblolly pine, oak, etc. Check our 1820's cabin chestnut We sell reclaimed lumber as is in beams and decking, or milled to your order. (Note that all reclaimed lumber is always sold "as is").

Geoff - "King of Cypress"


Click here for more info about our Antique Reclaimed 200+ year old Cypress beams and lumber from O'Flaherty's Channel Pub!


We are excited about our SPECIAL PRODUCTS now available, including FLOORING in any wood we carry. Check out the teak flooring!

We also have a beautiful variety of exciting VENEERS available, including redwood burl, curly maple , madrone burl, walnut and other beauties!

We also sell all types of HARDWOOD , including maple, hickory, cherry, poplar, alder, white oak, red oak, English brown oak, French oak, ash, chestnut, locust, cottonwood, elm, laurel . We have all grades from FAS to dunnage/pallet material, in whatever quantity needed.

We can also supply HARDWOOD CANTS for oil field and pipeline skids and mats at very competitive prices.

We can provide TIMBERS AND LOGS , with bark or peeled, in redwood, Port Orford cedar, and cypress, as well as other types.

Recycled/Reclaimed Pine - Cypress - other species

Antique Chestnut!

We have antique hand-hewn chestnut beams from a 1820's west Pennsylvania homestead available for purchase or custom milling. This beautiful wood is rare, having a golden red glow of warmth. Click here for more pictures and information!

Sawn Cypress - and Cypress Logs and Beams  -

see our photo gallery!!

Rough Cut Green Cypress - Call for Quantity Pricing 
Call for quotes on Green, Kiln Dried, Air Dried
Kiln dried (KD), tongue and groove (T&G) flooring  - paneling - lap-siding;
Log Cabin: Milled Cypress rounded siding
for a Log Cabin effect.

Cypress Beams

Cypress beam 10 x 17 x24 feet long

Cypress Posts and Beams priced by size and length.

Our price is negotiable. Why? We are buying and selling for many small independent sawmills and lumber men. Most of our lumbermen are reluctant to mill their Cypress until they know what sizes are required.
Let us know what you want and we will find you the best price.

Cross Cut Slabs for table tops - furniture - clocks

150 year old cypress makes great clock faces

Crosscut slabs 3"- 4" x 2.5' diameter  call for price

Very little shrinkage on this old river Cypress, where two trunks have grown together

big old Sinker Bald Cypress crosscuts.

Sinker Cypress

Click here for more on our Sinker Cypress

How do you know it's first cut Bald Cypress?

Rule of thumb: 100 years = one foot diameter of trunk. Three and a half feet equals a 350 year old Bald Cypress tree, plus under mud and water 100 -200 years, which makes it 400 to 500 years old. You don't have time to wait for another one!

Red Heart Cypress - Florida Virgin Cypress

Under water 100 years plus!
We are recovering virgin axe/cut crosscut cypress timber. Last of the first cut of the Virgin Forests, there is no more. Estimated 100 -150 years plus under mud  water. Most is in very good shape. Suitable for beams, posts and siding, etc. One log is 55' x 3.5' butt and 20" top end. We may have some more  logs about the same size still underwater.
Rough lumber and/or will custom mill to your specs.

Sinker Pine -- Heart Pine

We are getting lots of sinker pine - Some of the logs show cuts where they used to bleed for turpentine.
Also small to truckload quantities of:
Red Oak - White Oak - Magnolia - Black Gum - Myrtlewood - Walnut - Chestnut - Hickory
- from lakes, rivers and swamps across America - and more coming!

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