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New - Louisiana Sinker-
Cypress or Sinker Pine

New - Sinker Milling
with Sassy's help

Sinker Cypress Logs and Milling

Retrieving Sinker Logs- See how it's done

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Click to see a Sinker log being milled

We have found a great source for sinker cypress in Florida! While we also get sinker from sources in LA and MS, Florida sinker tends to have more color due to resting on sandy river bottoms rather than in muddy bayous. We can provide both types.

There are 1000's of BF stick and air drying - or we will kiln dry it for milling (ask for kd pricing)

Available milled in flat cut, vertical cut, quarter sawn,
or as flooring - send us your measures for a quote.

This beautiful sinker cypress is recently recovered and being cut and air dried to order.

Below are two of the ponds used to store the logs to keep them from dry rot until they're ready for milling.

These logs will become beautiful lumber
for your projects, flooring, paneling,
furniture and other items!

Sinker Cypress Slabs
For Mantles, Furniture - up to 3" thick!

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These beautiful slabs are up to 3" thick.
Many are bookmatched and have beautiful patterns and scrolls in the grain!

They are air-dried and ready to ship
- send us your measures for a quote.
Click on the above picture for more information and pictures - including dimensions of some of the larger pieces.

Click on pictures to see enlarged view.

Examples of the stock pile of logs!


Sinker Pecky Cypress---------$ Call

If you haven't seen it - WOW!
- mottled with a variety of "worm holes" and markings
that make it a wonderful accent or cabinet wood, or great for paneling.


Contact us with any question- let us know what you are looking for,
and we will try to find it, if we don't have it on hand!

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