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Retrieving Sinker Logs- See how it's done

The sinker cypress log you see being milled below reflects the rich history of logging on the Florida Panhandle. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, when this area, was being settled, its forests of cypress towered over the many streams and rivers flowing down from Alabama and Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. These were the highways of old. When the huge trees were cut, they were floated downriver to mills close to ports where the lumber could be shipped and used to build growing settlements and cities. This log was one of the many that sank before it could reach its destination. They have laid on river bottoms for over a century, soaking in minerals that give them distinctive colors. Today, divers search for them when the rivers are high and they can be loosened from their sand or mud beds (see the link to the left for more about this prrocess).

"Feed me"

The start of doors

10'+ sinker log

"I am a lumber jack"

Half way there???

Walking the log

"Are we there yet?"

"Think I dropped my wedding ring..."

"Ooops - I dropped the log"

"I'm floating!"

Guess we will split!

"There's my ring ..."

Looks like a door?

"What are you doing?"

Make up your mind

Like father, like son..

"You want it when?"

Now we are slicing

The 'Shadow' knows

"If I were a rich man"

"I have my rings"

Flat line baby

Split with me

We are straight-lining

Wood Mizer SL60

Flat cutting

Flat cutting

Stacking it up

The doors

Ready for a long stay in the kiln

Will she let me drive?

What did you say?

The 'boss'

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